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Modestly Dressed

What is modesty? It’s an interesting term. It technically means “the quality of being relatively moderate” in other words humble. Yet why is it so strongly linked with clothing especially with people of faith?

Modesty and clothing work hand in hand because what we choose to wear sets a representation of who we are. The bible often stresses the importance for women to dress humbly – Humbly because their bodies are a temple of Christ and humbly as not to be seen objectively by men.

In today’s hyper PC (politically correct) culture, it’s hard to have conversations with other women about the way we dress and what narrative that creates of us. People will stress that women should be able to dress however they want whenever they want e.g. Slut Walk. I agree, to an extent. When women dress a certain way, there is often an intention, I know, I do it as well. If I’m aware my Ex-boyfriend will be at a party, I’m going to dress sexier than if I was going to the shops or an interview, with intention. I want my Ex to realize I’m doing absolutely fine without him.

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