Grace Magazine is a magazine dedicated to teenage girls of faith aging from 13 – 18yrs. The magazine is run by Kapungwe Besa.

Kapungwe otherwise known as Ke, created Grace because when she was younger she couldn’t find a magazine for girls that could answer her faith-based questions. But also still have the elements of everyday life advice for teenage girls.

As much as generic magazines like Seventeen and Dolly helped her navigate some aspects of high school. There was still a whole part of her life that these magazines didn’t touch on. HER FAITH.

They didn’t grow her spiritually or answer the dying question she had about being a God – fearing woman. Growing your faith at a young age is very important as it will help guide you as you get older.

That’s why Grace was created.

We hope Grace can become your friend, your confidant and counsellor. We hope to not only help you navigate through adolescence but also through your spiritual walk.

We aim to provide you with advice about everything but from a biblical and Christian perspective.

We pray this magazine uplifts you and is a blessing to you as much as it is to us.