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Unfollow Those You Can’t Really Follow

“Do not covet thy neighbour (10th Commandment).”

Coveting is one of the major sources of dissatisfaction. Whether it may be material things or physical features of others. The Lord explicitly doesn’t want us to be jealous of our neighbour. That’s why he wrote the command for us to remember.

Social media has become such a large part of our lives over the last few years. It has opened us up to see the world from different lenses, but also made us see ourselves in clouded lenses.

It has become the destruction of many young girl’s body images.

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How To Deal With Body Shaming

It is so easy for us to get agitated when someone says something out of line. But when someone makes it personal and says something against our body, (something we can’t change). I would not blame you if you wanted to smack them out. Unfortunately, violence should not be our first action. There are ways to deal with body-shaming other than fighting someone because then you are no better than them.

Hurt People Hurt People

Many people that attack others normally have something they themselves are going through. That’s why it is highly advised that you don’t return the hate they are giving you for you don’t know their situation. It’s okay to be the bigger person. As people of faith, we should always show love to others (Matthew 22:39) even though they are the ones persecuting us.  

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My First Protest – Black Lives Matter

Name: Michaela Mulenga

Age: 15 years old. 

On Saturday the 6th of June 2020, I attended the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Justice for Aboriginal Deaths in Custody’ protest in Melbourne with a few of my friends from my youth ministry, PlanetBoom.

1.Why did you attend the protests?

I attended the protest because I am just so sick of the things that are happening as a result of systematic racism in the United States, Australia and other countries all around the world. I am really passionate about the issues surrounding George Floyd and I wanted to be apart of something that could change the way the world works.

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Positive Mindset = Positive Outlook

‘Create whole body positivity one attribute at a time…’

A good way to find happiness in your own skin is to list things that you love about yourself. Writing positive affirmations will hopefully boost your self-esteem and help you get to a level of positive thinking about your body.

We have all heard someone talk about writing positive affirmations on your mirror is good for you.

However, before we can deal with the greatness that’s in us we need to deal with the negativity that clouds us.

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Switch Your Focus

It’s not all about what’s on the outside…

God doesn’t want us to be chasing after superficial things like looks instead we are to be chasing after him in our lives. He wants us to change our focus from things the world approves of to things he approves of. For he ultimately wants us to be more like him.

Even Jesus was a man of average appearance (Isaiah 53:2) he was made that way so that people would get to know him for his character and teachings, rather than be distracted by his beauty. Those that followed Jesus followed him because of those specific attributes, which we should emulate.

Remember Lucifer was an angel ‘perfect in beauty’ unfortunately he became wicked and we all know how that story ended (Ezekiel 28:11-19).

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Modestly Dressed

What is modesty? It’s an interesting term. It technically means “the quality of being relatively moderate” in other words humble. Yet why is it so strongly linked with clothing especially with people of faith?

Modesty and clothing work hand in hand because what we choose to wear sets a representation of who we are. The bible often stresses the importance for women to dress humbly – Humbly because their bodies are a temple of Christ and humbly as not to be seen objectively by men.

In today’s hyper PC (politically correct) culture, it’s hard to have conversations with other women about the way we dress and what narrative that creates of us. People will stress that women should be able to dress however they want whenever they want e.g. Slut Walk. I agree, to an extent. When women dress a certain way, there is often an intention, I know, I do it as well. If I’m aware my Ex-boyfriend will be at a party, I’m going to dress sexier than if I was going to the shops or an interview, with intention. I want my Ex to realize I’m doing absolutely fine without him.

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