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Unfollow Those You Can’t Really Follow

“Do not covet thy neighbour (10th Commandment).”

Coveting is one of the major sources of dissatisfaction. Whether it may be material things or physical features of others. The Lord explicitly doesn’t want us to be jealous of our neighbour. That’s why he wrote the command for us to remember.

Social media has become such a large part of our lives over the last few years. It has opened us up to see the world from different lenses, but also made us see ourselves in clouded lenses.

It has become the destruction of many young girl’s body images.

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Positive Mindset = Positive Outlook

‘Create whole body positivity one attribute at a time…’

A good way to find happiness in your own skin is to list things that you love about yourself. Writing positive affirmations will hopefully boost your self-esteem and help you get to a level of positive thinking about your body.

We have all heard someone talk about writing positive affirmations on your mirror is good for you.

However, before we can deal with the greatness that’s in us we need to deal with the negativity that clouds us.

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