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Try Again

“I am not here to make friends ”

That was my go-to line when I first moved to Australia in 2015 when my best friend would ask me why I didn’t want to socialize with anybody at Uni or anywhere else. I had made it very clear to her that I came to Australia just to study and then return to my home country Malawi to settle down.

3 years of studying certainly brought that statement to life; I went to classes, the library, and then home. My routine never deviated from this; I had made up my mind that making friends was just not what I was here to do.

This statement was like a shield around my tiny, fractured heart, it was the layer of protection I needed to tell other people and myself that I was “okay” on my own. Beneath that protective layer of words, was a scared little girl. A girl who had trusted and been let down. A girl who had opened up and had the door slammed in her face.

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Switch Your Focus

It’s not all about what’s on the outside…

God doesn’t want us to be chasing after superficial things like looks instead we are to be chasing after him in our lives. He wants us to change our focus from things the world approves of to things he approves of. For he ultimately wants us to be more like him.

Even Jesus was a man of average appearance (Isaiah 53:2) he was made that way so that people would get to know him for his character and teachings, rather than be distracted by his beauty. Those that followed Jesus followed him because of those specific attributes, which we should emulate.

Remember Lucifer was an angel ‘perfect in beauty’ unfortunately he became wicked and we all know how that story ended (Ezekiel 28:11-19).

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Modestly Dressed

What is modesty? It’s an interesting term. It technically means “the quality of being relatively moderate” in other words humble. Yet why is it so strongly linked with clothing especially with people of faith?

Modesty and clothing work hand in hand because what we choose to wear sets a representation of who we are. The bible often stresses the importance for women to dress humbly – Humbly because their bodies are a temple of Christ and humbly as not to be seen objectively by men.

In today’s hyper PC (politically correct) culture, it’s hard to have conversations with other women about the way we dress and what narrative that creates of us. People will stress that women should be able to dress however they want whenever they want e.g. Slut Walk. I agree, to an extent. When women dress a certain way, there is often an intention, I know, I do it as well. If I’m aware my Ex-boyfriend will be at a party, I’m going to dress sexier than if I was going to the shops or an interview, with intention. I want my Ex to realize I’m doing absolutely fine without him.

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