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Ready For High School?

I remember when I started high school. I didn’t have the conventional, ‘graduated from year 6 and then move to year 7 with some of my primary school friends’, scenario.

My family had just moved from South Africa, where I lived the majority of my childhood, to Australia during the middle of my year 7. Before I continue, year 7 in South Africa is the last year of primary school. But in Australia year 7 is the beginning of high school.

So not only did I have to assimilate to a whole new country and environment. I had to jump straight into high school. I didn’t get to start high school with all my primary school friends. I had to start from the beginning with everything.

I started school in the middle of the year, so most of the students had already found their friendship groups. I had to try to fit into the friendship structures they had created.

I felt so scared the first day of school, having to navigate high school territory is no joke. I know many of you might feel the same as you enter into this new chapter of your life.

You may feel nervous or excited – nerves as you prepare for high school. For those that are going to high school with some primary school friends, you are blessed beyond belief. Classes and lunchtime will be a breeze for you.

For those that may have moved state or country, or are just going to a school away from all you used to know and all the friends you used to have. I’m here to tell you, you will be alright. You may feel out of place for the first few minutes but you are most likely not the only person feeling this way.

The first week of classes are your best friend, this is when everyone is the ‘new kid’ so you are not alone. It’s your time to make connections and friends, so take advantage of it.

Most of all talk to people, even though this may scare you if you are a devout introvert. Take the chance!

I was fortunate enough that on my first day of high school, I met a girl who took the time to talk to me. We have now been friends for almost 10 years.

Last bit of advice, BE YOURSELF! High school is hard enough on its own, you don’t need a personality change as well. So enjoy this new chapter and embrace all the nerves and confusion that may come with it.



Ke. B ❤

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