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Who Am I?

Who am I?

People say who is she?

In this world of change

I stumble blindly

I keep trying to find myself

But something I can’t do

Is ignore the worlds rules

That say you can’t be you

I lower my standards

So not to be abandoned

But my back is full of daggers

Called jealousy and anger

This is the mind of a teen

Who sits in her room crying

She can’t find her identity

And changes herself for others needs

Everywhere you turn is another lost teen

Questioning their gender and sexuality

They walked around and got lost

To find themselves, what is the cost?

I know a guy, a being, a God

He is a guide for those who are lost

If you need a map or a beacon

If you want to live let him be the reason

Lose yourself, to find it in him

He is the answer to all your questions

If you need to know who you are

Take a glance beyond the stars

Poet: Eden Aiono

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