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How To Deal With Body Shaming

It is so easy for us to get agitated when someone says something out of line. But when someone makes it personal and says something against our body, (something we can’t change). I would not blame you if you wanted to smack them out. Unfortunately, violence should not be our first action. There are ways to deal with body-shaming other than fighting someone because then you are no better than them.

Hurt People Hurt People

Many people that attack others normally have something they themselves are going through. That’s why it is highly advised that you don’t return the hate they are giving you for you don’t know their situation. It’s okay to be the bigger person. As people of faith, we should always show love to others (Matthew 22:39) even though they are the ones persecuting us.  

Speak Up If Possible

If you are comfortable enough to confront the person, please do. This is your time to defend yourself and express how you are feeling. Of course, try to avoid a verbal or physical altercation. It’s best to speak to them with a calm tone or else they might pop off. If you need to take time to build up the calm to speak to the bully, go for it. Take a breather to get your head together because you don’t want anything to go left when you do speak to them.

Walk Away

If you don’t feel able to speak to the person body shaming you, it’s okay. You can just walk away from the person and the situation. Most times the person isn’t even worth your time. You don’t need to waste your time and brain capacity on someone who is not benefiting you. This tends to annoy the person because they are not getting the attention they were trying to attain from you in the first place. Which can ultimately make them stop.

You Have Emotions

It’s okay to feel hurt. The most common response is to get angry and you are allowed to be. Body shaming is an attack on your physical being. So be mad but don’t let the anger control your actions towards the person. As stated in point 2, take some time before you confront the person so that you can get your thoughts together about everything. Don’t stoop to their level because I know I have once before and it doesn’t help anyone. Other people may tend to well up after hateful comments, so cry if you need to. You are still human, and your emotions are valid.

It Starts With You

You need to accept yourself and the body you are in. Once you do that the things others say should not shake your belief in yourself. If you acknowledge that “I can work on this” or “I’m happy with that”. You become the one in the power seat. This will make the words of the person shaming you weaker cause you know your truth and they can’t tell you otherwise.

We know this strategy might not work every time. But just remember that the person isn’t persecuting you they are persecuting Jesus through you. For you are Gods’ creation and He never makes a mistake with His children.

Lord forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing

Luke 23:34

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